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Schloss Tegal “Night Nurse” T-shirt – 16 Euro




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Schloss Tegal Oranur III “The Third and Final Report” CD – 12 Euro

Oranur III “The Third Report” returns re-titled “The Third and Final Report”. A back engineered rework of the original edition released on Artware Productions, Germany as a special limited edition LP. This CD contains all of the original tracks reworked with additional sounds and new bonus tracks never heard before.

Track Listing

  • Oranur III “The Third and Final Report”
  • Beyond the Wall of Sleep
  • D.O.R. Manifestations
  • Coital Affirmation
  • L5 H.O.M.E.S.
  • Orop Desert EAs
  • Orena “Orop Terria”
  • The CORE Men
  • We Just Got Tired
  • You Can’t Wake Up

Oranue III The Third and Final Report



Schloss Tegal “The Myth of Meat” CD – 12 Euro

Originally released in Russia on the waystyx label in alimited edition of 300 in special black folder packaging is now released on Schloss tegal’s own Tegal records in a jewel case edition. this CD explores cruelty and aggression in human nature and is a re-vision into the Grand Guignol period. The Myth of man’s consumption of death. This is music for the new meat generation where torture sites and exploitation exist as commonplace. Includes tracks influenced by Ed Gein’s car, cannibals in Germany and the cry of tortured souls.

Track Listing

  • Death Car Display
  • Cannibal Communion
  • Panic man
  • Custom Slaughtering
  • The Long Pig
  • Mes’af i Resh
  • Butchermaster’s Meal
  • Bind Tortur Kill (BTK)

The Myth of Meat 



Neoterrik Research                                                                               “The Hidden History of Schloss Tegal” CD – 12.00 Euro

Neoterrik Research is a collection of Schloss Tegal’s compilation tracks ans one-offs which were previously released on many different now out of print compilations into a rare collection on one CD. Only a few copies left.

Track Listing

  • Last Glint of Consciousness
  • Zero Situation
  • Felgeshrei (remix for Folkstorm)
  • The Demon that Feeds on the Chaos of Man
  • Collapse of the Wave Function
  • Unsub (Insect Mind)
  • Technocore (Iteration X)
  • Anti-Life Equation
  • Black Static Transmission
  • The Hidden Variable
  • Invitation to an Outrage (Reptilian Mind)

Neoterrik Research The Hidden History CD   SOLD OUT!



Schloss Tegal “The Soul Extinguished” CD – 12 Euro

Originally released in 1991 as a limited edition LP with handmade cover which became a cult classic. Now available on CD in a limited edition vellum folder. Elements of tenuous paranormal anomalies with exorcisms, poltergeist experiences, satanic back-masking. Limited edition of 697 hand numbered.

  • The Brides of Loudon
  • Immunde Spiritus
  • Cadaver Obedience
  • Procession of the Dead
  • Autopsy the Animal
  • the Visitation
  • Adoration of Teitan
  • Godvision
  • Melafacia

The Soul Extinguished CD



Crepuscule “Music for Decay” CD – 12 Euro

En Lewellyn founder of Crepuscule is a mortician by trade and explores other demension via ghost hunting and EVP recording. This is a dark look into eerie family life, dementia and the beginning and ending of lifes journey. Dark electronics with an array of cut up incidents  via computer manipulation. Comes in a beautiful folder. Limited edition of 659.

Track Listing

  • Created
  • Mother
  • Love
  • Childhood Thief
  • Apology
  • Father
  • Adolescence
  • Matricide
  • Matricide Fantasy
  • Matricide Reality

Crepuscule Music for Decay CD




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