Schloss Tegal Discography and Live Shows

Schloss Tegal Discography

Schloss Tegal “Neoterrik Research “The Hidden History of Schloss Tegal”  CD (Tegal Records, CZ) Schloss Tegal presents “Musick from the Sanatorium” Compilation CD (Tegal Records, CZ)
Schloss Tegal “Psychometry” 2 x LP and CD 
Schloss Tegal “Procession of the Dead” Undead Lathe Cut 7 Inch
Schloss Tegal “Oranur III The Third and Final Report” CD (Cold Spring Records, UK)
Schloss Tegal – Gehirn Emplosion Split 7 Inch Record (Implosion Records, Germany)
Schloss Tegal “The Myth of Meat” CD (Tegal Records, USA)
Schloss Tegal “The Myth of Meat” CD Russian Release (Waystyx Records)
Schloss Tegal “Human Resource Exploitation” CD (Noise Museum Records, France)
Schloss Tegal “Neoterrik Research “The Hidden History of Schloss Tegal”  CD (Cold Spring, UK)
Schloss Tegal “Black Static Transmission” CD (Cold Spring, UK)
Schloss Tegal “The Grand Guignol” CD (Artware Productions, Germany)
Schloss Tegal “Oranur III The Third Report” CD (Tegal Records, USA)
Schloss Tegal “Oranur III The Third Report” LP (Artware Productions, Germany)
Schloss Tegal “The Soul Extinguished” CD (Tegal Records. USA)
Schloss Tegal “The Soul Extinguished” LP (Tegal Records. USA)
Schloss Tegal “Procession of the Dead/Dreamtime” 7 Inch vinyl record (Tegal Records, USA


Simulacrum Soundscapes II CD (Face Records, Poland)
Simulacrum Soundscapes I CD (Face Records, Poland)
Subterranean Ways of Thinking LP (Subterranean Records, Germany)
The Swarm Compilation 2 x CD Set (Cold Spring Records. UK)
Ultrason Compilation LP (Asse Une Records, France)
Iron Flame Records Compilation 3 x LP Box Set with CD (Iron Flame Records, Germany)
Kontrast Compilation 3 x 7 Inch Record Box Set (Ant Zen/Deubel Records, Germany)
300 Lockgrooves” Compilation featuring one lock groove by each artist (RRRecords, USA)
The Outsider Compilation CD based on HP Lovecraft (Somnambulant Corpse Records, USA)
The Chamber” Compilation CD (Cold Spring Records, UK)
The Mind of a Missile Compilation CD (Heel Stone, Germany)
Treat the Gods as if They Exist Compilation CD (Aufabwegen Records, Germany)

Schloss Tegal Performances in Europe
Bruital Furore MS Stubnitz Club Hamburg Germany
Wroclow Industrial Festival Covid 19 live streaming, Wroclow, Poland
007 Club Industrial Nights Prague, Czechia
Game of Drone Festival Staatwerk Linz, Austria
Castle Party Festival, Bolkov, Poland

Brutal Assault Festival, Josefov, Czechia
Two Nights of Darkness Festival Rosice, Czechia
Nocturnal Culture Festival Leipzig, Germany
Hrdlicka Museum, Prague, Czechia
Hradby Samoty Industrial Festival II, Holíč, Slovakia
Wroclow Industrial Festival II, Wroclow, Poland
Artifakty Exhibition, Wroclow, Poland
Wave Gothic Treffen Festival Leipzig, Germany
Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz Dresden, Germany
Die Insel Club, Berlin, Germany
Zwischenfall Club, Bochum, Germany
MS Stubnitz Club, Rostock, Germany
Level Music and Technology with Stellarc  USA
Legnica Arts Multimedia Festival I of Animation and Film, Poland
Legnica Arts Multimedia Festival II of Animation and Film, Poland
Arsenal of the Arts Electronic Music Festival, Wroclow, Poland
CRK Arts Space – Wroclaw Industrial Festival VII Wroclow, Poland
Ritual Animation and Film Festival Wroclow, Poland
Xhponozon Cave Art Music Festival, Nurmburg, Germany
Deadly Actions Festival III, Lille, France
Musique Ultimes Festival, Never, France
Prague Industrial Festival X Prague, Czechia
Prague Industrial Festival VIII Prague Czechia
Prague Industrial Festival VII Prague, Czechia
Bunker Parukářka, Prague, Czechia
Mythology, Cross Club, Czechia
Papírna Club, Prague, Czechia
007 Club Prague, Czechia
Club Bordo, Prague, Czechia
Custard Factory “Neu Kunst Inhibition” England with Laibach
Societies Desease Festival, Karlsruhe, Germany
Bleisound IX Festival, Munich, Germany
The Garage, London, England
The Victoria London, England
The V6 Club Edinburg, Scotland
Le Blanc Antwerp, Belgium
O2 Club Amsterdam, Holland
Piec Nutek, Wroclow, Poland
The Daddy Pub, Wroclow, Poland
Lodz Center for the Arts Lodz, Poland
Mlecna Poznan, Poland
The Spider, Club Kladno, Czechia
Messiah Komplex at Cross Club, Prague, Czechia
Messiah Komplex at Discentrum, Prague, Czechia
Skutečnost Club Prague, Czechia
Club Mullenbrunnen, Dresden, Germany
Skullcrusher Club Dresden, Germany
The Archa Club, Trnava, Slovakia
Die Fabriek, Duisburg, Germany
Chamber Music at Ground Zero, Darmstadt, Germany

North America – USA Tour 2000
The Video Bar, Dallas TX USA
Live Bait Records Festival, Cleveland OH, USA
Second Floor, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn NYC
The Skinny Portland, MN USA
MIddle East, Boston, MA USA
Speak in Tongues, Cleveland, OH USA
The Labyrinth, Detroit, MI USA
The Nervous, Center, Chicago, IL USA
Somber Reptile, Atlanta, GA USA
Tokyo Rose, Charlottsville, VA USA
The Red Room, Baltimore, MD USA
Black Horse, San Francisco, CA USA

Auricular Record, San Francisco CA USA