New Oranur III Review from Drudion

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Oranur III “The Third and Final Report” CD

Meanwhile, over at Schloss Tegal’s ORANUR III “THE THIRD AND FINAL REPORT”, yes kiddies, this is the scariest soundtrack you’ve heard in a God’s Age, a series of recorded alien encounters over which is superimposed dark industrial winds and solar flares to take your breath away. Useful? I should say so, brothers’n’sisters. This little lot of inchoate stumblers will guarantee you over an hour’s worth of merciless sub-sub-amphibian meditation as you slide down down down below the human levels into a kind of Yesterday’s Soup status. I don’t know where Czech artist Schloss Tegal stands as far as the subject matter is concerned, but even the pseudo-science of the album cover itself throws this album into a kind of quasi-religious cult status. Released on the always intriguing Cold Spring records, this is a severe statement indeed, but what a way to grab yourself a fast-track down the evolutionary ladder, kiddies!
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