Schloss Tegal Rework Series

The “Rework Series” has arrived

Schloss Tegal is currently working with Cold Spring Records UK on the “Rework Series”. The first in the series starts with Oranur III “The Third and Final Report” CD. This CD was remixed and remastered from the original recordings and has been extended with many new tracks to complete this work for 2012. Clocking in at 72 minutes. This will be available soon from Cold Spring. The second release in the series is from the limited edition “Human Resource Exploitation” CD. This CD is currently being revised and reworked into a new release for 2012. It was originally released as limited edition CD (limited to 150 copies in a black folder) that was sold at the Musique Ultimes Festival in France in 1998. Later it was released in a small number of jewel cases in 1999. This record is currently being remixed and revised into a new full length CD with the same name. Release dates for the rework series will be announced here and at Cold Spring. Both CDs are completely different from the originals and will be available soon.